How To Commission an Original Monument


Rip Caswell is an artist dedicated to creating art that enlivens both community and private space. With each sculpture Rip is capable of telling the many stories related to specific cultures, religions and/or communities.


The process used by Rip Caswell Sculptures in any commissioned project, from design concept to completion, involves client input, as well as collaboration with designers, architects and landscape architects as needed.


Story telling is a key element in Rip’s approach to sculpture. The transformation from concept to reality is accomplished by creating figures and depictions that are accurate and familiar. Each work of art tells a unique story and evokes emotion.


Research and knowledge are key elements in Rip’s approach to artwork. Research for monument projects is centered on three basic factors: the past, the present and conceptual plans for the artwork space as related by the client. After gaining a commission, Rip focuses on learning all that he can about the chosen subject.


This process combined with Rip’s availability and accessibility to the client ensures that requirements for the project are met to the client’s satisfaction and within the project timeline.


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