Artist's Statement
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Artist's Statement

I was brought up surrounded by and immersed in the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest. In nature I find healing, wisdom, love, inspiration and passion.


Like the Native people of the region, I believe all living beings are connected with one another and with our Mother Earth. Within us lay instincts of innocence, simplicity and purity, which tie us to our environment and ultimately to our Creator. Through my work, I want to renew and strengthen these natural senses.


My wish is to take people on a journey of discovery – a journey to both the intimacy of nature and the experience of human emotion. I want to open a doorway, allowing viewers to experience the intimate side of my sculptures, just as I want the eyes of my subjects to reflect their spirit.


When sculpting, I believe I am an instrument of our Maker – a conduit whose purpose is to revitalize this bond between man, animal and the land. With sculpture, emotion is transferred into clay then born into bronze – preserved for all time to see, feel and relive.





Visit Rip Caswell in Historic Downtown Troutdale, Gateway to the Columbia River Gorge.


Cell: (503)502-7756  

Ph.( 503) 492-2473


Mail:  P.O. box 850 Troutdale OR. 97060  

Studio: 903 E. Historic Columbia river hwy. Troutdale OR.

Gallery: 253 E. Historic Columbia river Hwy. Troutdale OR. 


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