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Rip captures life with uncanny realism, discovering essential details by immersing himself in his subjects (wether the habits and habitat of wildlife or the biography and community of people) and conveying this knowledge with consummate craftsmanship.  Perhaps most importantly, he invests each sculpture with his own passion for living, that passion preserved in each piece to be continually rediscovered.


Rip Caswell's popularity with private and corporate collectors worldwide had resulted from both the captivating quality of his art, and his commitment to creating only original pieces and limited-run reproductions, ensuring lasting value for his clients.  We invite you to explore the world of this modern day Renaissance artist by visiting our gallery in Troutdale, Oregon.


Visit Rip Caswell in Historic Downtown Troutdale, Gateway to the Columbia River Gorge.


Cell: (503)502-7756  

Ph.( 503) 492-2473

Email: info@caswellsculpture.com 

Mail:  P.O. box 850 Troutdale OR. 97060  

Studio: 903 E. Historic Columbia river hwy. Troutdale OR.

Gallery: 253 E. Historic Columbia river Hwy. Troutdale OR. 


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