Permanence and Character

Thoughts on Rip Caswell’s Guardian Spirit by freelance writer Laura Zuckerman, from the article “They Walk Among Us”, published in Western Art & Architecture Winter/Spring 2008.
Neil Nedelisky
Developer - Eagle Landing Development
Guardian Spirit



Expressive and Beautiful

-Tad McCall, Tom McCall’s son, from an email written to Rip after the sculpture's unveiling.
Tad McCall
Tom McCall’s son, from a letter written to Rip after the sculpture's unveiling.
Tom McCall Memorial



Tribute and Legacy

From an October 6th, 2008 letter to Rip Caswell from Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski regarding the Tom McCall Memorial sculpture.
Theodore Kulongoski
Governor of Oregon
Tom McCall Memorial



Talent and Workmanship

Letter from Suzie Pietz of the Park Plaza Inc. business complex expressing thanks and appreciation to Rip for his talent and professionalism.
Suzie Pietz
President of Park Plaza Inc.
Temple Guardian



Art for a Community

Letter from the Mayor of Troutdale which details Rip's unique ability to enhance a community with art and beauty.
Jim Kight
Mayor of Troutdale, Oregon
Rainbow Splendor



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